DAYBREAK: What We Learned (2010-11)

The following comments were the “meat” of DayBreak this year.  Hope you get as excited about that as I did when I read women’s comments about what their classes meant to them this year!

  • Our class, The Path to the Cross, has taught me so much about Passover and how so many things from the Israelites wandering in the wilderness were part of Jesus’ preparation and participation in the Easter story.  What Jesus suffered for us has so much more meaning than what I had thought.
  • I’ve really enjoyed this session with Ray Vander Laan, The Path to the Cross.  He is just such a passionate man of God and a great teacher.  He inspires me to do more for God and live a life with fire burning in my heart.  Ute and Karen are such beautiful women of God—very warm and approachable.  Thank you for the opportunity of learning together with other women and sharing and being encouraged by them.
  • I learned a deeper appreciation for God’s working through the Old Testament.
  • The most encouraging thing for me is the testimonies and sharing of God’s faithfulness and work in other women’s lives.  It reminds me of events and God’s faithfulness in my own life.  Sometimes I’m very forgetful of God’s goodness and work in the world.  I need constant reminders to keep perspective.
  • I learned that God never forgets what I prayed for (even if I do).  Thank you, Lord, for watching over me 24/7!  I also learned that there are so many compassionate women at DayBreak.  I am always encouraged by their courageous yet loving strengths.
  • For the first time, I am hearing God’s call in my life.  He is leading me far outside my comfort zone and I am following Him in faith alone.  Scary and yet so incredibly exciting!
  • Through this course, I have learned to quiet myself in God’s Presence and am hearing His voice again, like I did when I first got saved, after about 7 years of not hearing Him speak to me as much.
  • This session has been tremendous.  I have learned how to hear God’s voice.  It is as simple as 1) quieting myself down; 2) focusing my eyes on Jesus; 3) tuning to spontaneity and 4) journalling.
  • That God speaks in amazing, powerful ways, if we will only be still and listen.
  • In Bringing Up Girls, I learned so much and received so many neat ideas that made it so exciting to “bring up my daughter.”  In Love Languages, I learned what my and my husband’s love languages are; it was so helpful and gave us so much to talk about and figure out.  Thank you!
  • Although I have a very strong marriage, I have realized that always aspiring to make it even better is a true reflection of the love I have for my spouse.
  • This has been a great class, especially coupled with the Alpha Marriage class that I did with my husband in January.  God has been working in our marriage and family and I feel his blessing there.
  • God has reminded me how very blessed I am to have the spouse and child I do.  It is a daily reminder not to take this, or them, for granted and often puts my world into perspective as to little things that don’t really matter.  Each time, I leave with a sense of peace, patience and gratefulness.
  • I learned my daughter’s love language was physical touch, which has helped me have patience with her touch.
  • I’ve learned how to better communicate with my husband through his love language and other strategies.
  • I look forward to coming each week to learn more tidbits and wish it wasn’t ending so soon.
  • I have only been to one class term, but must say God must have really wanted me to go, because He was speaking to me loud and clear.  I have been committing myself to really pray for my husband using the “Head to Toe” prayer given to us last week.  God has really been speaking to me about what it means to be a wife, and more importantly, a servant.
  • I learned more about Lent, and how to ask for God in your life each and every day.  Fill the cravings of life with God.  I really enjoyed DayBreak, meeting other women, sharing ideas and laughing.
  • I have received very specific, timely encouragement, which would often positively change the course of my day!
  • I overcame my anxiety of speaking in a large group, and met some amazing ladies.
  • The most significant thing I’ve learned this term in Me, Myself & Lies is that the things I see as challenges in my life are actually things God has entrusted to me.
  • We are being selfish, even when it is because of our insecurities, and we need to focus on God.
  • The main thing I learned this year is that God loves me exactly how I am.  I don’t have to do anything to win His love.  This is now branded on my heart and it changes everything.
  • I am so loved by God.  I am working very hard to silence the lies in my head from Satan.  I am letting go!
  • God has brought these wonderful ladies into my life.  He has shown me I am not alone in my struggles, nor am I the only one who feels like I do.  I am not alone.  He has also helped me to accept who I am.  He made me this way and loves me and there is a reason I am the way I am.  After 20 years, I am comfortable, content and happy with myself.  Thank you, God.
  • I have had the blessing of spending this past term with two leaders who are so authentic.  I have been so encouraged by seeing and hearing their journey, which has inspired me to live in deeper surrender to God.