LEADERS CONNECTION: Honoring Our Leaders

Women leaders from across the church met on Thursday, Sept. 8 to kick off the ministry year.  The theme, You Are Special (hence the lovely crowns!), was intended to honor the women leaders and their service to Foothills.  The Leaders Connection team, led by Leone Thomas, hosts the women leaders four times a year, with the goals of honoring, encouraging, supporting, and praying for them, always with a special theme, yummy food, and lots of laughter and sometimes tears.

Pastor Carla introduced the Women’s Ministry theme for the year, Connecting with Each Other, and our related focus Scripture from Ecclesiastes 4: 9 – 12.

Leone Thomas introduced the topic of “honor” by asking for definitions.  It’s not a word we often think to define, though we have an inherent idea of what it means to us:  to respect, to treasure, to recognize . . .   We honor others for their work, for their character, for their relationship or mentorship to us, for being significant or influential in our lives.  We talked about people that were special to each of us, and why.

Sharon Anderson shared how she and her daughters have honored her mom, who died of breast cancer when Sharon was a little girl, by participating in the Weekend to End Breast/Women’s Cancers in Calgary.  (See separate blog entry, Honor and Community.)  We were then encouraged to think about and share a specific way we had honored someone; what makes us feel honored; and in what way we have been honored.

What does “honor” mean to you and your relationships?  Who have you honored lately?