God Reveals His Work Through Brokenness

You who have shown me great and severe troubles,

shall revive me again, and bring me up from the depths of the earth.

You shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side.   Psalm 71:20-21

There are two kinds of brokenness . . . the “gradual-you-can-feel-it-coming” kind and the “it-came-out-of-nowhere” kind.  Both are filled with fear, sadness and a shattering that can seem irreversible. 

Working on a 1200-piece Lego masterpiece with my son, I witnessed a parallel with the gradual brokenness we can suffer.  After hours of concentration and purposeful planning and being 2/3 way done he could tell something was wrong.  Gradually over time, his face began to show that he had pieces in the wrong place and the right pieces were lying out staring him in the face.  He had made incorrect choices and he began to panic.  “Can’t we just keep going or take just a few pieces out . . . I don’t want to break it all down to nothing . . . please mom.”

“But honey, it would be best to tear it down and start again if you want it to be built correctly, the way it was designed to be.”  The thought of breaking it apart and starting to build a “new” one was crippling him from seeing really what was best.  Even the thought of the brokenness was overwhelming, and he would do almost anything else than surrender to the fact that this was inevitable and to just let go.  Using patience to rebuild was going to be to best choice, yet the most difficult choice.

Our lives can sometimes be like this; we hold on, thinking that working with pieces of us that don’t quite fit is better than tearing right down to a state of utter brokenness.  But we ignore what will eventually be inevitable . . . a state of brokenness that is necessary for God to then choose the pieces of us that He wants, and even discard the ones He doesn’t.  A masterpiece will be structured from a shattered state of brokenness.

The second kind, the sudden brokenness, leaves us with questions of “why is this happening” because there was no warning, no preparation, no deciding if we wanted to break or not.  I have experienced both kinds of brokenness, and they land us in the same place, one quicker that the other, but that place is total surrender.  That place is in HIS arms, powerless . . . a new home for the Spirit.  He can now do the work that He needs to do to build us back up again into the masterpiece that He has already designed.

While I was driving one day, God gave me this acronym about brokenness:









Surrender to our


During this time, this state of rawness, keep your heart open to recognizing it as the perfect place for healing, repentance/forgiveness to begin.  Allow God to do his work through your brokenness.

Related verses:  Psalm 55:16-18; Exodus 14:14; Phil 4:11; Phil 4:13; Psalm 57:1; Jer 29:11; Prov 3:25-26; 2 Cor 12:10; Prov 15:13; Phil 3:13-14

God will never plant the seed of His life

upon the soil of a hard, unbroken spirit.

He will only plant that seed where

the conviction of his Spirit has brought brokenness,

where the soil has been watered with

the tears of repentance

as well as the tears of joy.

Alan Redpath (1907-1989)

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, your body was broken that I might become whole.  I give you my broken places and open myself to your healing life and love.  Amen.

 Contributed by Kellie Greiner

Photo:   AttributionNoncommercial Some rights reserved by Gabriela Camerotti