SHARING YOUR TREASURE: Acts of Service update

As part of the volunteer Special Events Committee, my current job is to enter the Acts of Service cards you may have dropped off in our “treasure box” onto the Acts of Service tab on our Foothills Women page.  I have been delighted and inspired by the variety and creativity of what we do for others in our community.

I love the woman who carries umbrellas in her car to give to “wet folks” in the rain or snow.  I’m warmed by the woman who submitted a card for a friend’s act of service–taking her out for breakfast, just because.  There are the faithful, who volunteer regularly for organizations, and those who do something just one time, like providing a bandaid for a disabled person on the train.  And there are the modest ones, like the woman who didn’t schedule a pregnant mom to volunteer close to her due date (truly an act of compassion!) but didn’t hand in an Act of Service card for her gift of making up the schedule for everyone else!

It made me think–how many times, in the course of our day, do we do little things without even thinking, which are truly acts of service that show God’s love to someone else?  It’s actually difficult for us to see some things as acts of service, because they honestly flow out of our relationship with God to those around us, or they are something that has become so much a part of our life, like teaching Sunday school, that we no longer see it as anything unusual. Believe me, to have someone looking after my two-year-old so I could go to a service was a great gift to me, and I have no doubt that it is a great gift to other moms!

An act of service isn’t necessarily a great sacrifice, either.  Singing on the worship team, greeting people as they enter the church on Sunday morning, or visiting a seniors’ home are things that may bring us great joy and because of that, we don’t see it as an act of service.  But it is.  As members of the Body of Christ, we are all gifted, and your gift is different from my gift, so we can do many things.  Years ago, I heard a speaker say that there is always someone who loves to do that thing I hate to do–it was very freeing!  I can drive someone across town, and you can bake a cake, and we can both be happily giving to someone in Jesus’ name.

As I was entering the Acts of Service, I was a bit disappointed that the cards didn’t include spots to answer all the questions on the website.  I would have liked to know why these women chose their particular acts of service.  Why do you volunteer with that organization?  Has it impacted your life, as well as the lives of the people you serve?  Is this something new to you, or do you do it all the time?  If you enter your Acts of Service online, you can add all those wonderful details!

Our goal to the end of the year is for women to record 500 Acts of Service; we are currently at 92.  So just let me encourage each of you to go to the Acts of Service tab and enter the things you do that serve others, big or small, and tell us a bit about your journey with God as you perform good deeds and show His love to those around you.  There are so many opportunities to serve at this time of year–and we know you serve, so just let us know what you’ve done!  Thank you for your compassionate hearts!

Joy Stalder