Get to know one of the volunteer women heading up Tiny Blessings!  Brandy Jones and Anita van de Poll coordinate the Tiny Blessings coffee and play time for moms and their preschool children.  Tiny Blessings currently meets every Wednesday morning.

Brandy JonesBrandy Jones family

Tell us a bit about you and your family.

My husband, Shane, and I have two beautiful girls, Avery (3.5) and Brielle (1.5), and another baby on the way in May.  We have lived in Calgary for about 11 years and love our life here.  The biggest draws for us, in no particular order, are the mountains, Shane’s teaching job, and Foothills Alliance.  We have been attending for about seven years and feel that it is home.
Describe your role in Tiny Blessings.
While there is some coordination and set-up duties, the heart of my role, as I see it, is to be a hostess for the church in general–welcoming families, inviting new faces, connecting people and building friendships.  That is what Tiny Blessings is all about.
How/why did you start coming to Tiny Blessings?  What value do you see in Tiny Blessings?
I started attending when I had my first daughter as a way to get out of the house and make some new friends.  It held tremendous value for me as I felt that I finally connected with others at church on more than just a superficial level.  It allowed me to get to know people and build lasting relationships.
Why are you involved with the Tiny Blessings team?
I’m involved because of what TB has done for my girls and I.  We have an extended family at church as a result of TB (as well as at Daybreak and on Sundays).  As the Bible says, the church is the people, not the building, and all four of us have a stronger and growing faith because of it.  I want to gift others with the same blessing, or at least create a possibility for it.
Why do you like Tiny Blessings or what have you learned from it?
Although the church welcomes all people, not everyone feels comfortable there, and it is important to have a friendly face reach out a hand and bring them in.
What is one thing that no one is likely to know about you?
I grew up Catholic and always had a passion for children’s ministries.  As such, I used to help coordinate the children’s masses at my hometown church when I was a teen.