Noreen Music works with the Special Events team to plan two women’s events per year.  Their latest event, Laughter to Joy, was a great success–a fun night with a heartfelt message!

Noreen MusicNoreen Music photo

Tell us a bit about you and your family.  My husband, Mark Music, and I have been married for 17 years and we have two children together, plus our dog Benny the Beagle!  Madison is 15 and Marcus is 13, so we are right in the thick of the teenage years, which has brought blessings and challenges alike.  We are both native Calgarians, so we have seen lots of changes to our hometown over the years.  Both of our parents are still alive and live in Calgary and both of them have been married over 50 years!  I have made my professional career in the commercial property management industry for the past 20+ years.  I currently work for Oxford Properties as the Property Manager for Centennial Place which is a brand new 1.3 million square foot high rise office tower in downtown Calgary.  I have four older sisters and one of them is my identical twin!

Describe your role on the Special Events team.  I am the co-leader of the Foothills Alliance Women’s Ministry Special Event Team.

How/why did you get involved at Foothills women’s events?  What value do you see in them?  I joined Foothills after taking the Alpha course a number of years ago, and two ladies at my Alpha table were already involved with the special event team.  They were looking for more volunteers so they asked me if I would consider joining and obviously, I agreed!  God really put me in the right place at the right time, as I feel my organizational talents complement the team well.  I love being behind the scenes making things happen, plus working with this outstanding group of ladies has been absolutely amazing.  We each bring different talents and backgrounds, but we all bring a deep commitment to serve God and the women of Foothills Alliance.  The events I have been involved with so far have deepened connections between women, brought awareness to issues and the needs of various individuals, the community and the world.

Why are you involved with the Special Events team?  I was asking God to show me how to get more involved in the church, and through this team I have been humbled with the opportunity to serve others.  God truly leads our decisions and planning of these events to further His Kingdom, and to be led in this way has given me great joy and spiritual growth.

Why do you like about special women’s events or what have you learned from them?  I have learned that I cannot live, love and serve God alone.  I need each one of these strong and unique women as much as they need me.  I now deeply appreciate why God has given us each other and what can be accomplished when we bring our minds and hands to do His work together.

What is one thing that no one is likely to know about you?  I am naturally very introverted and have had to work at fearlessly opening my life and heart to others . . . I am still a work in progress on this one, though!