By Elizabeth Trondsen

Lord, how I want to be more like You!

But I know that in order to walk that path . . . in order to walk the way of the cross . . .

I will suffer. . . my flesh will need to suffer and die.  Die to self.  Die to what I want.  Die to all I’ve been.

Emotionally. . . this process is so painful.  The Refiner’s fire burns intensely.  I try to fight it.

Yet . . . this I know in my innermost being . . .

It is better for me . . . better for my heart and soul . . . to NOT get what I want.

To be denied what my flesh craves.

For my Self . . . and all that is selfish pride in me . . . to die.

To be nailed to Your Cross.

Lord, as painful as this is, Your Spirit within me testifies that I welcome it.

I welcome Your Refiner’s Fire . . . I yield to Your discipline . . . Your Father’s hand . . .

That I may be truly free.

That I may truly live.

That I may be like Thee.

Lord, give me a heart of thankfulness in the midst of this.

Let me willingly, even happily, submit to Your will.

Submit to Your Cross . . . and all that it means for me.

As You, Lord, in the Garden of Gethsemane, said “Not my will, but Yours be done,” so let me say.

Make me thankful to be a suffering servant, knowing I am following in Your footsteps . . .

I humble myself under Your mighty hand.

Let me delight in a humble position,

A place of servanthood.

Death to my self and my own way.

Let me glory in the way of Your Cross in my life.

Thank you, Lord, that I am made perfect through suffering . . .

Made more like You, Jesus.

As I walk this path to the Cross . . .

Into Resurrection Life.


In Jesus we see the ultimate model of a journey through suffering and death to life.  As we journey with him there, we experience both pain and joy.  Yet we know that even in the midst of suffering, nothing can separate us from his great love (Romans 8:31-38).  He longs for our very best.  He graciously walks with us and works in us, even as we choose to walk the way of the cross.  On this Good Friday, Elizabeth offers for us her heartfelt prayer to faithfully journey with Jesus, taking up her cross and following our Lord.  As we reflect on his sacrifice, may we each commit to follow him faithfully and trust his love.

Pastor Carla Olsen Draper