Mentoring makes a difference

Mentoring makes a difference in the lives of women!  Read the comments of one mentor as she reflected on and evaluated her mentoring experience.

women on path mentoring cropped

As you look back at the goals you set and the expectations you had for your mentoring relationship, how well have they been met?  What has helped?  It helped to have some information about the mentee before meeting up!  I was fortunate, as we’d met before and we have a similar circle of friends.

What has been your most significant learning?  I went into this expecting only to give support, but was surprised by the fact that we supported each other.

What changes, if any, have you noticed in yourself as a result of your mentoring experience?  I have more confidence with what I believe and in speaking out.  God has done a wonder in me these last few months and I’m stronger for it.

In what ways have you experienced God at work in your life during this time?  Well, my life has had a drastic unexpected twist that I can’t be more grateful for!  It’s been a very difficult time in my life, but God has used it and I have drawn closer to him than I would have ever expected.  My mentee has been part of my amazing support network, and as the two of us have talked through our life situations, we have become good friends.

 What, if anything do you think could be addressed to improve this experience?  A trip to Hawaii? Seriously, there isn’t anything I can think of at this time.

How supported did you feel by the Mentoring Ministry team during this time?  What suggestions would you offer for improvement?  I was supported enough.  I’ve been hard to get hold of, and the members of the team that were assigned to me were persistent.  I appreciated  that.

What advice would you offer to other mentors/mentees?  Enjoy it!  Don’t stress out about making sure you line up enough times to see each other, but do what you can and when you can.  It was the quick walks or the “drop by the house while the babies are napping” visits that were the best!

Could you be a mentor?  Would you like a mentor?  Read more about our Mentoring Ministry here.

mentor is one who leads simply because she is a few steps further along the path.