Passport to Prayer

Feb 14 Passport to Prayer 2

About 95 women gathered on a cold Sunday evening on February 23 for Passport to Prayer, our women’s special event.  There was a warm, friendly spirit, and we could pretend we were far away in another land, with souvenirs and decor from many countries decorating the tables as we enjoyed exotic (i.e. grown in warm climates!) fruit, Mexican churros, and French cream puffs.   There was a broad spectrum of women, from teens to grandmas–some from the same family!

Each woman received a “passport” to guide them through the evening and provide a record of helpful points to remember.  Several of our younger women sang, presented monologues, and led us in worship.  We milled around the room completing a bingo sheet, trying to find out who had lost luggage while traveling, ridden a zipline in the jungle, or even lost a child in their travels!  Friendly table discussions centered around talking to God, and many women shared the role and logistics of prayer in their lives and prayed for each other.

FEb 14 Passport to Prayer event 1

Maylee Hyde and Debbie Thul shared their prayer experiences.  Maylee talked about how God answered her prayers in unexpected ways  when she and her husband lived overseas.  Debbie shared how her prayers for others weren’t always answered the way she thought they should, but how God hears and works in the lives of those she prays for and how He sees the infinite “big picture” when we see only our finite situations.  Pastor Carla, whose family has had tough times lately due to illness, told of the prayer support they had felt and how encouraging it was.

This year’s Women’s Ministry theme is Knowing God, and communication with Him is essential to knowing Him.  The event was a warm, friendly, fun, and practical way to communicate with God and with each other!