Recap: Meal to My Madness Special Event


This special event was held on Sunday, March 15 with Chef Sandi Richard, author of Cooking for the Rushed cookbooks and Food Network host.  The evening was filled with laughter, food, and practical advice.


On a personal note, what meant the most to me was to get rid of the guilt regarding dinner and be real.  This, I think, is applicable to  many other areas in our lives.  The struggle with fixing dinner is often not a food issue, but a guilt issue.

One of the many laughs we had
Creating an Eat Sheet of meals and ingredients



Throwing out the old grocery list



Great cookbooks for sale
Many follow-up cooking choices
Signing up to cook with a group of women in someone’s home

We learned to throw out the old way of making a grocery list and how to reorganize the way we plan dinner for the week.  There were opportunities to sign up for the follow-up event or the Mercy Meals ministry, and purchase Sandi’s “Cooking for the Rushed” series of cookbooks.

  The Cook-Off 

Corilyn and Natalie each put together one of Sandi’s recipes to show how quickly it could be done.  Everything was ready for them, and they mixed it all up, ready to be cooked, in less than five minutes.  Then they got to take it home for the next night’s supper!



 Well done, ladies!

It was a tie.




 A Huge Thanks to the Women who Planned and Organized this Event!!!

It was a fantastic evening!

The Special Events team

 Reported by Andrea Bieganek.