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“Plan of attack.”  With those three words, the 14 people stuffed into the 12-person van, already sweaty in the hot, humid morning in an Ecuador town, became quiet and attentive–listening eagerly to the “loosely-held” schedule of the day.  Being acquainted with the North American need for a plan, our newly met, but easily embraced, Pastor Percy graciously laid out what would most likely happen for the day, or at least the morning ahead.

As our mission team from Calgary quickly realized, things in Small Town, South America just do not roll the same as our high-speed, packed-full calendar days back home.  We had met as a team several times before leaving and discussed what exactly we were spending our time and money doing.  We prayed about being willing to serve, in whatever capacity and wherever needed.

But, as usual, words come easier than actions.  It was an adjustment, for some more than others, to accept the idea of “wait and see” what the “plan of attack” was for the day.  But as the days ticked by, the more we got to know Pastor Percy and his great love for those he served, including us, the easier it became to trust his words, and his plan, however unclear it was to us.

As I’ve reflected often on the amazing memories of our too-short time spent in Ecuador, God has brought those three words, “plan of attack,” to mind and challenged me to put into practice what I’ve learned–I can trust God’s plan, because He has shown himself to be faithful.  Even when the plan is not laid out before me in clear detail for the next   year, month, week or sometimes even day, He has called me to come to him each morning, to be quiet and listen and then to follow His voice throughout the day.

He is faithful and we can trust Him!  Amen.

A Definition

Faithful:  to lean on, to cling, to know God will save, be firm


A Song

Chris Tomlin – You are Faithful

A Prayer

Psalm 25


Contributed by Heather Armour