Fall DayBreak studies

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You’ve been waiting with bated breath and it’s here! ūüôā ¬† All you ever wanted to know about the classes offered at DayBreak–starting in 3 weeks! ¬†Be sure to include DayBreak in your fall routine for a chance to grow in your faith and your friendship with both God and other women.

It’s time to think and pray about what class would be best for you–and allow God to direct you in your choice. ¬†Each class will be introduced by the leaders at Registration, so be sure to come with a listening ear and an open heart. ¬†They all look great; we expect it will be hard to choose!


FALL 2015 REGISTRATION:   Sept. 10, 9:15 a.m. in RUNDLE HALL.  Childcare is provided.

See the DayBreak page for details, registration fees, child care information, and downloadable registration forms.


Art & Soul

Join us for a combination of creative activity and inspiring discussion!  Each week, we will care for our souls and each other with Scripture, discussion, and caring time, learning new skills such as scrapbooking or quilting, or working on a project from home.  Supply information at registration.

Facilitator:  Michelle Loewen

Friends in English (ESL)

An ESL class for women of all English levels. ¬†This year’s subject is My Canadian Life. ¬†We will study a variety of topics related to living in Canada. ¬†We will do this in a fun and interactive way. ¬†Please join us for this friendly and practical class.

Facilitators:  Ann Stevenson, Mandy Trask, and June Mackeith

Gospel in Life:  Grace Changes Everything

Join author Timothy Keller in a video-based study of the gospel and how to live it out in everyday life.  Be challenged to connect what we read in the Bible with how we live in our city, our church, and with our neighbors.  From studying the city, our home now in the world that is, to the eternal city, our heavenly home in the world that is to come, we will learn how the gospel can change our hearts, our communities, and our lives in this world today.

Facilitators:  Heather Malkinson and Ute Staus

The Magnificent Obsession:  Embracing the God-Filled Life

Through the strong biblical teaching of Anne Graham Lotz and engagement with Scripture at home, we will examine the life of Abraham, discover what brought him into relationship with God, how we can follow his example, and how to know God as our personal friend.  Come nurture this magnificent obsession to know God, and make him known.

Facilitators:  Carla Olsen Draper and Julie Lee

Raising Kids for True Greatness

While we all want the best for our kids, Dr. Tim Kimmel suggests we aim our kids at greatness. ¬†True greatness is an internal evidence of attitudes and a heart known for humility, compassion, graciousness, and enthusiasm. ¬†Kimmel identifies three critical and life-changing decisions that will make the difference: ¬†preparing your child to wisely choose their mission, their mate, and their master. ¬†This video-based series (Part 3 of Kimmel’s Grace-Based Parenting) helps parents guide their children toward rich lives of eternal value and significance.

Facilitators:  Andrea Christensen and Stacey Odlund

Trusting God

Learning to really trust God can be one of the hardest disciplines we experience as followers of Christ. ¬†Author Jerry Bridges struggled to understand God’s sovereignty during a time of adversity, and shares three key things he learned: ¬†God is completely sovereign; God is infinite in wisdom; and God is perfect in love. ¬†As you gain knowledge of who God is, you will find yourself trusting him more completely–even when life hurts.

Facilitators:  Karen Thomas, Jen Dormer, and Leone Thomas

Questions?  Contact Sharon at daybreak@foothillswomen.ca