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It was one of those days—perhaps you know the kind?  From the drowsy moment of waking, it was there.  It had even been lurking around the subconscious, till it shifted ever so slyly into my conscious.  Coming fully awake, the heavy reminder of a fitful night of restless sleep produced nothing more than a fog of gloom.  Dragging, stumbling, body out of bed I seek solace in a warm shower.  “Transmogrify,” I sigh . . .
Truth be told, it had been one of those times, one of those seasons, one of those grueling battles that seemed to have no end in sight.  It was unexpected, a breath-catcher, a heart-stopper.  Words spoken, no reasons followed by confusion.  Questions began popping, clarity was grasping, worries building.  Anger steeped, bitterness festered.  Joy stolen, peace robbed, hope lost and faith tarnished.  Defeated, alone and fully broken.  “Transmogrify,” I sob . . .
I knew what I needed.  My better half reminded me.  There was a hinting towards it, gently spoken at first, followed by some nudging.  For some reason, it didn’t fully hit me till it stung, loud in my face.  It was true.  A “double A” is what I needed—“Attitude Adjustment.”  I try to re-trace how I got from there to here.  That slippery slope led me down into my mucky-muck of a bad attitude.  But I wanted to hang on to it, my bad attitude.  It was justified; I had the scars to prove it.  “Transmogrify,” I snicker . . .
Transmogrify.  I heard it on the radio and for some reason it caught my attention that morning.  It’s kind of a silly word meaning “to change or alter greatly often with humorous effect.”  That’s what I needed, a change for the good.   An altering breakthrough topped with a side of humor.  It was going to magically appear.  “Self,” I said, “it’s simple.  I just need to transmogrify!”  Bad hair day—transmogrify!  Supper a flop—transmogrify!  Inches off the waist— transmogrify!  Extra zeros in the bank—transmogrify!  Kids fighting—transmogrify!  Don’t like that doctors note— transmogrify!  Attitude adjustment—transmogrify!
Change can be just that simple.  When we really want it and put our minds to it.  Sometimes it can even be fun.  But what happens when it’s not?  When it takes more time and energy than we physically have?  When we’ve exhausted all of our resources?  When it’s downright impossible?
Transform.  They share the same prefix, trans, referring to beyond or into another state or place. The meaning of transform is to change something completely, usually in a good way.  It’s similar to transmogrify, but different.  This verb has three meanings: 1) to change its structure, its composition; 2) to change the outward form or appearance; 3) to change in character or condition.
Beyond us, beyond our limits, beyond our understanding and way beyond our bad attitude, THIS is the very place where God works.  God goes beyond our capabilities to transform us.  To be transformed by God is more than just mood-changing; it’s life-changing.  It changes our perspective.  See the words “for me” in transformed.  God is for me, for you.  He loves us enough to not leave us this way.  No matter the circumstances.  God is in the transforming business.
What do you need transformed in your life? (Psalm 139:23)
Do you believe it’s possible—even still? (2 Corinthians 4:16-18)
Do you feel you’re worth it—even though? (Isaiah 40:11)
Have you lost hope—after all? (Job 17:15, Psalm 34)
Are you willing to try once more, to ask again? (Romans 12:12)
Prayer:  Lord, I pray for transformation.  May your transforming power move into our hearts, renew our minds and fill our spirits.  Transform, we pray . . .
Listen prayerfully to this song Trust in You by Laura Daigle
Contributed by Heather Stroud